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Our Mission

We distinctively teach, mentor, and support academically ambitious low-income Hispanic high-school and college students in under-resourced Michigan Hispanic communities, and work to eliminate equity barriers that stall academic and employment opportunities. The Michigan Hispanic Collaborative leverages the academic readiness and college access work created by our partners and makes it accessible and culturally relevant to our students.


Our Vision

To accelerate Hispanic economic mobility and reduce the growing poverty in the Detroit Hispanic community and poverty throughout Michigan’s Hispanic communities. We believe the most permanent and rapid way to economically stabilize the Hispanic community is through a bachelor’s degree. Our Hispanic “familismo” culture of strong extended and connected families ensures that when you educate one Latino, you empower a community.


La Próxima Generación (Próx Gen)

La Próxima Generación (which translates to “the next generation”) is a comprehensive program by MiHC that will enable more Hispanic students to graduate from college.

Próx Gen is unique and dynamic in its two-streamed focus. Through our program, we offer two things:

  1. We assist students in bringing coherence to the chaos of college access. We help students navigate the complex system. We do this through innovative technology, an upcoming portal that will easily connect students to college access resources, and through incremental resources that will shepherd our students to and through college.
  2. We provide wraparound supports. We fill immediate gaps at schools through direct services, mentoring, and access to other services that will ensure that our students graduate from college with a four-year college degree. We are also providing high school and college students with important career exposure opportunities to ensure that they understand the potential career paths they can take. “Exposure is half the battle. You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Próx Gen is also unique in its culturally relevant, in-school, 2-generation approach.

Our Research

La Próxima Generación is born out of 9 years of development efforts at DTE Energy in Detroit, MI known as the Summer Talent Exposure Program (STEP). The impact and success of the STEP program have informed the MiHC in its development of La Próxima Generación. ​

STEP was created in 2010 as a way to provide under-represented students with unique opportunities to develop their talents in a professional, corporate environment. STEP is a wraparound program, where students receive comprehensive work experience as well as professional development. STEP provides mentorship, soft skills training, networking opportunities, exposure, and more to every student. ​

In addition to the above, STEP provides students with a number of life skills that they were unable to obtain elsewhere. Even prior to joining the program, students are walked through the job application and onboarding process, ensuring that their materials are submitted correctly and on time. During their internships, STEP students receive guidance on a number of things that are necessary for success in a corporate environment, including the importance of personal branding and professional dress, as well as proper phone and e-mail etiquette. ​

Over the years, a total of 150 students have participated in the STEP Program. Students are invited to return for multiple summers until they graduate from college, allowing them to hone their skills and gain experience. ​ Of the 150 students who have participated in STEP, 95% have graduated from college and 80% have secured professional employment as of 2018. Former students are now making an impact in a wide variety of roles, fields, organizations, and geographic regions. Current roles include: ​

  • Marketing Strategist, General Motors
  • Financial Analyst, DTE Energy
  • Senior Associate, KPMG
  • System Engineer, Dell
  • Project Analyst, Ally Financial